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The script fails with this: wc: command not found or this (after I commented string which.

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The use of filters (see below) allows significant manipulations to be performed by this command.When I was drafting an article about the installation of MongoDB on CentOS, I had to run semanage command to make a change in.

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The PackageKit command not found functionality allows command line users to automatically install missing commands.

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This will append the line after the line where pattern match is found. Sed Command in Linux - Append and.

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Sadly the command you say you are using does not work on my machine: E:.I know the scripts are correct because my friend can run them.

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I am currently using packstack on Centos 7, after configuring openstack, when I try to use the keystone command, it says command not found. some communities.

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Another answer has identified the specific problem you were having.

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Hi, For some reason, I can not run ANY script file on my unix account.

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The application has bootloader running on Microblaze and of course our.Above shows that not found txt file and I. but it looks like the makefile's trying to run the srec_cat program in order. (or other command-line...